WILD ABOUT JOLSON Talk Show ep. #3

The wait is over, WILD ABOUT JOLSON #3 is online!

In this episode, Nigel, Andrea, Andrew, and Vlad discuss Al Jolson’s 5th feature film BIG BOY (1930) for over an hour. A silly comedy, deep social commentary, or both?


2 Kommentare zu „WILD ABOUT JOLSON Talk Show ep. #3

  1. Jolson was not a racist on a personal level. However, the times in America were very racist and segregationist. One need only view the movies Jolson was in during the 20s and 30s of the huge minstrel shows which demonstrate the demeaning clothing, dancing and overall stereotypes of Black people. They are really characatures and insulting. Colored people as they were referred to were sadly used to this and I suppose did not resent Jolson for these shows.

    1. Ruth, I think you have a very differentiated view on this, which is necessary when it comes to this complex topic. One of our interviewees for our upcoming Jolson documentary ON THE ROAD TO AL JOLSON once said: „Jolson was not a racist. He used blackface because it was a theatrical convention of his time. Would he have used it today? No!“ I think that pretty much sums it up. Times have changed.

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